Our Purpose

Every person has the potential to do things they never imagined possible.  We believe this potential is unlocked by cultivating passion and enthusiasm for learning.


At the Ardor School, we accomplish this by:

Reinforcing Fundamentals Through Exploration – Everyday lessons quickly lose their value without application and context.  Complex projects and experiences provoke thought and understanding while expanding the boundaries of what’s being learned.  This is the Mechanism.

Preparing for the Future – Every subject, every lesson is challenged for utility and relevance in the world of today and the future.  This is the Value.

Fostering Autonomy and Control – We empower students to take control of their educations and, ultimately, their lives.  We practice this by empowering our teachers with ownership of their classrooms to create valuable, relevant, and engaging curriculum.   This is the Fuel.

Understanding Reasons for Action – Nothing happens in a vacuum.  Knowledge of what drives oneself and others is the key to succeeding in society.  This is the Wisdom.

Reveling in Visceral Experiences – Whether it’s the beauty of art or nature, or the glory of a personal accomplishment, we stop to appreciate the motivations for living and learning.  This is the Reason.